Grow Management

Tracking plants through the cultivation cycle is easy with our RFID Handheld.

Inventory Control

Manage customers and inventory for wholesale distribution

Automated Compliance

As a certified integrator, we communicate plant inventory data automatically to METRC.

Cultivation Analytics

Our dashboard displays data in a meaningful way so you can make data-driven decisions about your cultivation.

Rapid Audits

You can verify everything is where it should be in minutes instead of hours with our handheld audit module.

Secure API

We can connect to different systems to enhance your cultivation data.

Scale Up with RFID

Lodestone Data Technologies provides an innovative grow management, inventory, and analytics platform that leverages radio-frequency identification (RFID), dramatically lowering labor costs, minimizing human error, and maximizing efficiency.

RFID communicates wirelessly and eliminates direct contact and line of sight issues. Thousands of tags can be identified within seconds and saves growers tremendous amounts of time and labor.