Go grow, we’ve got this.

Lodestone Data Technologies is an innovative platform that leverages item intelligence automatically gathered through radio-frequency identification (RFID). Plants are automatically tracked and logged through the cultivation and processing cycles.  Since this is wireless and automatic, staff aren’t slowed down by administrative overhead.

We use the data that is automatically captured to provide an analytics platform to help you stay on top of your operations.  Activity is logged to an audit trail that can be synchronized with compliance and other systems through our API.

Why is RFID the best choice for large-scale cultivators?

The ability to wirelessly communicate with thousands of items at one time eliminates the need to individually capture information using a barcode-based solution. Barcodes require you to locate and correctly position each label before they’ll scan.

For cultivation staff this means physical contact with each and every plant — inventory and tracking of plants is nearly as slow as using pad and paper since dirt and debris or a creased label typically prevents a good, quick scan. This labor intensive process is prone to human error that makes the information less reliable for analysis.

RFID eliminates both of these pain points for cultivations.