solutions for cultivations

Handheld Solution

Cultivations of all sizes can manage their inventory with greater ease and accuracy with our new handheld solution.  A portable RFID antenna detects multiple tags at a time without requiring staff to locate, position, and scan individual barcodes by hand. This makes moving plants from one growing zone to another a breeze, but the biggest benefit with the handheld is our Audit Room feature.  You can ensure that your inventory is up-to-date and accurate by identifying every plant in an entire room in minutes. Our system will reconcile each plant found with your inventory and identify any errors automatically. You can easily audit your compliance and prevent thousands of dollars in potential fines!

Fixed-Mount Solution

The fixed mount solution is especially suited for large-scale operations. RFID antennae are strategically located at choke-points throughout the cultivation facility.  As staff move plants from one growing zone to another, the antennae track the individual plants and report this movement to the platform. Staff simply go about their day-to-day tasks and we keep inventory up-to-date and current. Automatic tracking eliminates all human error from inventory management!

MöGrö Platform

The foundation of our RFID-enabled technology is the web-based MöGrö platform, built specifically for cannabis cultivations.  Its intuitive and easy-to-use inventory & grow management application provides features to administer your inventory with the handheld and/or fixed mount RFID equipment. The dashboard provides insight into your overall operations and we support the management of your inventory through the cultivation life-cycle, harvest & processing, and wholesale inventory management. Inventory changes are automatically communicated to state compliance systems (we are METRC certified) so you rest easy knowing that you’re always up-to-date.

RFID Plant Tags

If your licensed cultivation is in a state that contracts with METRC for seed-to-sale compliance, we have GOOD NEWS. We fully support the RFID tags that you are currently purchasing. You can get started today with one of our solutions! If your cultivation is in another country or state, GREAT NEWS. We’ve developed an RFID plant tag so you too can take advantage of the efficiency that our solution provides. We support any state-required numbering system and can have you up and running with one of our solutions in just a few weeks. No matter which state you’re located, start taking advantage of RFID today!